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Serena Oppenheim is the Founder of Good Zing, a start-up designed to disrupt the way we access wellness information. It’s Yelp or Trip Advisor but for everyday health and wellness information

Here’s a bit more about the Founder:

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a small kid, I went through the normal ‘I want to be…. an actress (until I realized I was terrified of public speaking), a runner (that this involved love of exercise) etc. But as a teenager when people asked what I wanted to be the answer was simple. Happy. Really this was all I ever thought I wanted to be.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?

My friends are the ones who continually inspire me. Many friends have founded very different types of companies who are all at very different stages from Series B, to tiny startups, to startups that have spectacularly failed. These friends all continually inspire me by their stories, their determination to never give up, and the support they continually offer to other friends and people who are starting companies.

What’s been your hardest lesson?

Failure. It happens to all of us in different ways. It is so painful to go through, but then something magical happens. You find and talk to other people who have gone through similar failures, you bond with them, and you realize as long as you learn from those mistakes, and don’t repeat them then that is the best lesson.

What/where is your escape?

Does watching Friends re-runs over and over again count?

Favourite pixar movie character?

Pixar and not Disney?! Sorry…. Aladdin. Resourceful, and gets things done, and in the end does the right thing.

If you could be an olympian, who would you be?

Eddie the Eagle. Why? As my mother always told us, ‘Its not about the winning but the taking part that counts’.

What is your secret to success?

I am not sure about the word ‘success’, but the continual emotional support by my friends and family is key.

What would your desert island disc be?

Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet

What is your life luxury?

Time with my friends and family




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