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7 AUGUST, 2018

Justin Lennon is a biologist, entrepreneur, and ocean fanatic. He is the CEO & Founder of Conservation Guide.With 10 years experience working both professionally and voluntarily in conservation, combined with his experiences in environmental research and practical conservation field work, he is now responsible for finding great organisations and bringing them to the platform. Conservation Guide is an online marketplace for quality environmental experiences. The platform works a little like Airbnb, where environmental organisations list their experiences on our map so our customers can find, book and review listings anywhere in the world. Our company aim is to help reduce biodiversity loss by increasing accessibility to conservation opportunties for all experience levels.

Here’s a bit more about the Founder:

What Did you Want to Be When you Grew Up?

A Marine Biologist

Who is Your Inspiration?

Carl Sagan and David Attenborough — Two great environmental and conservation pioneers

What’s Been Your Hardest Lesson?

Trying to get my startup off the ground

What/where/who is your Escape?

On my bike or Scuba Diving

Who is Your Favourite Pixar Movie Character?

frozone — The incredibles

If you could be an Olympian, who would you be?

Usain Bolt

What’s your Secret to Success?


What would you Desert Island Disc be?

Dr Dre — 2001

What is your life’s Luxury?


Who is the Founder you Aspire to Be?

Tony and Maureen Wheeler, the Founders of Lonely Planet. I love the way they went about creating their business.

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