24 OCTOBER, 2017

We all know the usual checklist for wellbeing: eat well, exercise, get proper rest. But not as widely emphasised is another critical factor: social connection.

Humans are profoundly social creatures. We have a fundamental desire for social belonging and interpersonal exchange; we are most comfortable when we’re connected and sharing emotions and experiences; we thrive in social groups. Studies show that people who feel more connected to others have a greater sense of self-worth and purpose, are more cooperative, and experience less anxiety and depression. Conversely, one study showed that social isolation poses a greater risk to health than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure.

Whilst it’s not often openly talked about, loneliness can be a serious issue for Founders. When you’re focused on your own work, it can be easy to not come up for air, and being the sole person responsible for your business can feel incredibly isolating. In fact, in the recent Self-Employment Review, isolation was cited as one of the biggest challenges faced by business owners and sole traders.

Which is why Agora positions connection as a key determinant of success, and is all about giving Founders the chance to share the trials, tribulations, highs and lows of startup life with fellow entrepreneurs, in a way that’s infused with fun and a sense of adventure! For Agora, connection is about driving success, yes — but it’s also about having fun, adventure, experience and friendship. Succeed, live well, have fun!

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A consultancy with community and wellbeing at its heart.

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