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13 SEPTEMBER, 2017

Edwin Broni-Mensah is the man (on a mission!) behind GiveMeTap, an ingenious, ethical and inspiring social enterprise that aims to hydrate the world. Each bottle you buy gives a person in Africa 5 years of clean drinking water, so you can make a real difference whilst staying hydrated and reducing plastic bottle waste. Plus you get free access to water refills from local cafes/restaurants. Think of it as ‘Water for You, Water for Everyone’!

Agora is so excited to be partnering with such a worthwhile business. You can go ahead and buy your Limited Edition Agora bottle here!!

Here are some words of wisdom, honesty and inspiration from the remarkable social entrepreneur and Founder. Read on & ENJOY!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A computer games programmer.

Who is your inspiration?

My parents and siblings.

What’s been your hardest lesson?

That not everyone will see what you see and you’ve got to live life like no one else to live like no one else.

What/where/who is your escape?

Travelling — love seeing new places and learning about new cultures.

Who is your favourite Pixar movie character?

Woody from Toy Story.

If you could be an Olympian, who would you be?

Carl Lewis, as he was great at completely different events. Both track and field.

What’s your secret to success?

Persistence and patience. It really pays off.

What would you Desert Island Disc be?

Guess it could be anything with some hip hop or rnb music. Right now, I’m listening to an awesome playlist called African Heat (all afrobeats music), so maybe I’d take that right now.

What is your life’s luxury?

Doing something adventurous is a luxury to me.

Who is the Founder you aspire to be?


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