Bringing The Body & Mind into Balance

  • Talk yogic and modern day science, giving quick easy accessible ways to bring our bodies and mind into balance,
  • Explain the importance of “maintaining well”; and
  • Share my experience and lessons of burnout.
  • It helps balance the systems of our body — hormonal + nervous + energy — through breath & movement;
  • Mind a holiday — by focusing on the breath & gentle movement, our active frontal lobe gets a rest, quite literally a cooling. Thoughts quieten. & by that gentle focus, we are also distracting our mind;
  • The practice of postures together with breath is helping to put us into a meditative state & that’s a powerful place to be when it comes to healing — in this state, our brain is literally changing.
  • It short circuits our flight/fight response; Triggers the PNS, rest & digest, through the breath but also by stimulating the vagus nerve…. the powerhouse of the body; It helps to induce a state of relaxation — triggering the release of hormones associated with the PNS/rest & digest — builds resilience & helps recovery from stress — encourages our body’s default system to be PNS rather than SNS;
  • Helps re-instate homeostasis — supporting the body’s ability to go from rest & digest to fight/flight. Encourages a healthy heart rate variability — the fluctuation between heartbeats.
  • It does also positively energise, improve circulation by better flow of oxygenated blood round the body, releases endorphins, prevents ageing.
  • Changes in the structure of our brain — increase in grey matter density in areas of the prefrontal cortex that are responsible for planning, decision making, problem solving & emotional regulation. Strengthens connection between our MPFC & amygdala. The MPFC has the ability to moderate emotional responses. our alarm system, our amygdala shrinks, & connections to other primal parts of the brain lowered in practiced meditators. Increases the activity in the LPFC which is associated with happiness. Increase surface area of the brain.
  • Gives sense of control & safety in body;
  • Interoception — connecting of body to mind; anchors mind to body.
  • Brings you into the present;
  • Encourages compassion — soothes inner critique.
  1. Lack of boundaries;
  1. Complete listlessness, no motivation;
  2. Fatigue
  3. Tremors in arms, + eye;
  4. Inflammation — a minor back injury became chronic.
  1. Be aligned with your purpose;



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