9 AUGUST, 2018

We, as humans, are by nature social creatures who crave as well as need to feel included, to feel part of a tribe. In the same vein, we are also by nature curious — one of those words that I think is marvellously onomatopoeic. Without curiosity, our world would not have evolved to where it is today — for the good, the bad the ugly that comes with that. But overwhelmingly I feel there is so much that is positive about our animal instincts — instincts that pre-date and override the other rational and “younger” parts of our brain. Lose our natural instincts and the line of separation between humans and robots blur.

I feed off the energy of others and feel so very privileged to be in the position that I am — meeting brilliant yet complete individual minds from the most diverse of demographics, industries and beliefs. Curiosity is in reality right bang at the heart of AGORA, as it is life. Curiosity drives conversation, drives us to take an idea and explore it, it is innate base intelligence — a trait that humanity shares — it crosses class, religion, gender.

I was introduced to a Swiss DJ recently by name of Cee Roo — he creates music by collating sounds of a country, and is now working on a global project, collating sounds from across the world — the end product will be performed early 2019. As a taster, he has released a “trailer”. The outcome is quite staggering. It stops you in your tracks — I was quite literally blown away. With this composition, Cee Roo is collectively shining light on the state of the world today — politically, environmentally — every angle. It does not paint a pretty picture. My friend found it devastating — she has children and for her, it reinforces the scary world we are bringing children into today. For me, it triggered a different reaction. It further galvanised why we as humans must continue to innovate, to create, to drive towards creating a better world. If the world can collectively create such evil, it can also collectively create good. We must remain curious to achieve that.

So to Cee Roo — I salute you! And in your honour, we are running a campaign across August shedding light on and celebrating the awe inspiring talent, and innovation that is around the world today.

Originally published at agoraworld.one.



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