It was January 2018, I was running my own business, a “cloud based” members club which I was re-launching in the Spring of that year, and very much a woman on a mission to single handedly create a global community, stretching across multiple cities. I was moving house and organising my wedding. I remember acknowledging that I was taking on quite a lot, and I was apprehensive…

Agora had come into being as an informal network called Start Ups & Vino in 2015 — it had gathered pace since I made the decision to more formally launch it as a…

PTSD, once a word that was only associated with combat, is found to be increasingly more commonplace. Is this because we live in a more traumatising world today? I believe there has always been “trauma” in lives, but we are only now becoming more aware of it, addressing it, and looking at ways to heal what we cannot see.

We are the sum of our parts, our life experiences and it makes complete sense that our minds and our bodies hold and store memories, both good and bad. The ancient yogis spoke about samskaras, “impressions” or memories, which they say…

#LiftTheSpirits…. Lockdown Campaign, Week 6

Hormones play an important role in your growth, metabolism, mood, immune system, reproductive health, sleep, among other things. When you are struggling with a hormonal imbalance, you could suffer from a wide variety of symptoms- including headaches, skin problems, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain and mood problems.

What are Hormones?

Hormones are chemical messengers that help the body’s cells and organs communicate with each other. The endocrine system, which is made up of a collection of hormone-producing glands, is essential to practically every function in the body.

Different glands around the body have the job of…

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Today we are going to be looking at the positive effects that the practice of yoga can have on the structure of the brain. When I reference the practice of yoga here, I mean the practice of yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation. Meditation can be any activity which allows you to be mindful, and focused.

PFC deferentiates us from other animals

Limbic system — important, we need it. Amygdalas — exposed to high levels of continuous stress & trauma, the size of the amygdala can grow & you can become predisposed to fight/flight

Structural Changes:

  1. Yoga…

#LiftTheSpirits Lockdown Campaign, Week 4

Fear may be as old as life on Earth. It is a fundamental, deeply wired reaction, evolved over the history of biology, to protect organisms against perceived threat to their integrity or existence.

Fear and anxiety are two emotions that I see as interchangeable. Anxiety is ultimately fear projected onto a future event, often as a result of a negative experience in the past. The two are also self perpetuating — the more you fear, the greater the anxiety. Our brains are staggeringly intelligent. They also protect us against all costs. They are therefore tuned…

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Yoga has the potential to influence pretty much every physiological process in the body — from muscle contraction to breathing, digestion, blood flow, and circulation. When it comes to immunity, three specific systems are important — the nervous + immune + lymphatic system. Nervous because stress increases cortisol which dampens our immune system response, by reducing inflammation.

Our immune system consists of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body and fight off infections and diseases.

These defensive cells are located in our white blood cells. They are transferred around the body…

#LiftTheSpirits Lockdown Campaign, Week 1

My experience of chronic pain

The physical body is an astonishing work of science — if our bodies are operating in balance, the body should be able to heal itself. If the body falls out of balance, this is when we encounter disease and injury.

I suffered a burnout in 2018. I had injured my back, it was a relatively minor injury but it became chronic, due to the effects of adrenal fatigue. …

People talk frequently about the journey of life. It can sound quite cliched but as is so often the case with cliches, they are exactly that for a reason.

As I re-surfaced from the early months of motherhood last summer, I made the decision to focus at last on my yoga teaching…. My “journey of life” had finally brought me to that point.

Going back 12 years, I found myself in a very hot, very sweaty bikram yoga studio — my first taste of yoga. I still remember vividly the extreme thirst, but being told in uncertain terms that I…

This is a talk that I gave as part of #TimeToUnsilence Week, an on-line conference hosted by Luciana Carvalho Se, Founder of Mindcheck.

In the article I will:

  • Talk yogic and modern day science, giving quick easy accessible ways to bring our bodies and mind into balance,
  • Explain the importance of “maintaining well”; and
  • Share my experience and lessons of burnout.

What we know today:

That we live in a fast paced, noisy, intense, highly pressurised environment. That we are the “Burnout” generation. That there are millions of people globally who suffer with some form of anxiety. But…. that we…

25 SEPTEMBER, 2018

By Kiko Mathews

Let the adventure begin!

#bybikeandboat from U.K. around the top of Denmark and back.

Learning about and researching ocean plastics with Bytheoceanweunite (@btowu ). Not really sure I know what I’m doing or where I’m going but that’s the joy of an adventure 😬🤞😍

Day 1 (full day).


Come rain or shine, the cycling must go on. 142 km today. .

Beer today

Rotterdam tomorrow

Day 2



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