People talk frequently about the journey of life. It can sound quite cliched but as is so often the case with cliches, they are exactly that for a reason.

As I re-surfaced from the early months of motherhood last summer, I made the decision to focus at last on my yoga teaching…. My “journey of life” had finally brought me to that point.

Going back 12 years, I found myself in a very hot, very sweaty bikram yoga studio — my first taste of yoga. I still remember vividly the extreme thirst, but being told in uncertain terms that I…

This is a talk that I gave as part of #TimeToUnsilence Week, an on-line conference hosted by Luciana Carvalho Se, Founder of Mindcheck.

In the article I will:

What we know today:

That we live in a fast paced, noisy, intense, highly pressurised environment. That we are the “Burnout” generation. That there are millions of people globally who suffer with some form of anxiety. But…. that we…

25 SEPTEMBER, 2018

By Kiko Mathews

Let the adventure begin!

#bybikeandboat from U.K. around the top of Denmark and back.

Learning about and researching ocean plastics with Bytheoceanweunite (@btowu ). Not really sure I know what I’m doing or where I’m going but that’s the joy of an adventure 😬🤞😍

Day 1 (full day).


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Come rain or shine, the cycling must go on. 142 km today. .

Beer today

Rotterdam tomorrow

Day 2



24 SEPTEMBER, 2018

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AGORA went around the world this August, highlighting businesses in line with our core values.

We kicked it off with Second Home , a social business with a mission to support entrepreneurship and creativity. Great things happen when different industries and ideas collide, which is why they have charities, corporates and fast growing companies based together in our spaces. It’s a unique workspace but also a cultural venue. Live music, film screenings, talks, wellbeing events and classes are also offered at the space. …


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Serena Oppenheim is the Founder of Good Zing, a start-up designed to disrupt the way we access wellness information. It’s Yelp or Trip Advisor but for everyday health and wellness information

Here’s a bit more about the Founder:

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a small kid, I went through the normal ‘I want to be…. an actress (until I realized I was terrified of public speaking), a runner (that this involved love of exercise) etc. But as a teenager when people asked what I wanted to be the answer was simple…

14 AUGUST, 2018

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I am writing this as much as to myself as to the outside world. Ever since I completed a yoga training in the US focused on PTSD, my eyes have been opened to the powerful connection that exists between our mind and body. I have devoured books on the subject (most notably The Body Keeps The Score — a must read if you are interested in this topic), and as a result of my studies and subsequent experiences (particularly, interestingly, working in the start up arena), “wellbeing” became one of the three pillars of my business, AGORA

9 AUGUST, 2018

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We, as humans, are by nature social creatures who crave as well as need to feel included, to feel part of a tribe. In the same vein, we are also by nature curious — one of those words that I think is marvellously onomatopoeic. Without curiosity, our world would not have evolved to where it is today — for the good, the bad the ugly that comes with that. But overwhelmingly I feel there is so much that is positive about our animal instincts — instincts that pre-date and override the other rational and “younger” parts of…

7 AUGUST, 2018

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Justin Lennon is a biologist, entrepreneur, and ocean fanatic. He is the CEO & Founder of Conservation Guide.With 10 years experience working both professionally and voluntarily in conservation, combined with his experiences in environmental research and practical conservation field work, he is now responsible for finding great organisations and bringing them to the platform. Conservation Guide is an online marketplace for quality environmental experiences. The platform works a little like Airbnb, where environmental organisations list their experiences on our map so our customers can find, book and review listings anywhere in the world. …

6 AUGUST, 2018

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Gut health is about way more than just digestion. The effect it has on our overall happiness and wellbeing is underrated. The gut is where the body makes most of its serotonin, the ‘happy’ hormone; it’s also home to the most nerve endings outside of the central nervous system, and to 80% of the immune system. Cultivating a thriving microbiome (the living ecosystem of bacteria living in and on your body) is one of the most important facets of maintaining a balanced, productive and happy life. …

28 JULY, 2018

By AGORA Member Alex Merry

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Public speaking has always been one of the most effective ways of growing a business. I should know. My last company started in 2008 and, along with 2 other co-founders, I would spend several months each year living in the back of a Peugeot 307 (yes, it was as glamorous as it sounds), travelling across the country, delivering this one, perfectly refined talk to audiences 5 days a week. …


A consultancy with community and wellbeing at its heart.

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